Start Your Robot Framework Test Project With Puppeteer

Easy, Stable and Speed web testing

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Currently v1.2

Why Robot Framework Puppeteer?

Robot Framework Puppeteer created based on 3 core values


We use native python puppeteer library name pyppeteer.
No transformation or any hop of communication inside test script and browser.


Puppeteer build on top of Robot Framework that easy for any QA who start learning automated testing.


Most of Selenium flaky came from Asynchronous calls limitation, Element visibility, and timeout. These can solve efficiently when you handle with HTTP request layer using a library like a Puppeteer.

Quick Start

Start your test project here

  • 1. Download package Download
  • 2. Run following command inside project folder
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • 3. Run exaple test with following command
    robot Features/Demo.robot


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